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        Huanggang ZhongJie Kiln Equipment Co.,Ltd.
        hello, welcome to zhongjiekiln.

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              Address:Attached to No.68 West Lake First Road , Huanggang City, Hubei Province,China.
              Q Q:1291301607
              contact:Mr Shu +86-13508658565
                Ms Cai +86-18907259965
                Enterprise culture

                Enterprise culture: zhongjie kiln, innovation and technology.

                Enterprise spirit: to keep pace with The Times, forge ahead.

                Enterprise idea: sincere service, win-win cooperation.

                Enterprise target: "China brand, made outstanding kiln

                Enterprise tenet: people-oriented, innovative, build the green environmental protection and energy saving furnace.

                Guiding principle: integrity, quality, service, innovation.

                Quality policy: elaborate design, strict production, building the first class engineering, and first class service.

                Management policy: contract to build a project, set up a monument, consolidate a user, expand the party market.

                Management policy: to govern the department, the department of the cooperation

                Management principle: before construction for the sake of users, in the construction for the user is responsible for, after completion, let the user satisfaction.

                Security principle: safety in the mind, and prevent the put an end to.

                Principle: often cherish gratitude, keep enterprising of heart, endure respect for reading.


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